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Producing cakes of high standards

I would like to thank you for my birthday cake of yesterday... I ate the best red velvet and the cake was sooo pretty thank you once again!

Anne-Laure S

Such a beautiful cake! It was really tasty beyond expectations. Best cake I've ever eaten. Guests really appreciated for such a tasty cake. Success achieved. Thanks so much.

Souhaylah G

Thank u so much for the birthday cake, it was exactly the same as I ordered, I am extremely happy everyone was amazed by the work done and the taste was fantastic.... really soft and very yummy, all my family loves the pistachio cake! I will surely order my future cakes with you! Highly recommend your bakery to everyone!


The cake is super nice!! I just love its texture and the richness of the choco in every bite! It's simply awesome ma sha allah! I've had tons of choco cake But never like this one! U shall remain my favourite! N not having to say U got urself other fans of Yr cake!

Saadiya M

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Our specialities

Small cakes

We produce delicious small cakes that you can enjoy for tea time or whenever you need a break. Small cakes include  Tartes, Cup cakes, Mille feuilles, Mini operas, Tiramissus, Swiss Rolls, Baklavas, Napolitaines and endless other items!

Event & Party cakes

We can produce cakes with any type of designs or theme for your small or big events. Check our gallery for some of our creations.


Our pastries include traditional Mauritian “Feuillete” & “Pate” and also Croissant. The pastries varies with chicken/fish curry, custard, banana or cheese.

Packaging & Combo Box

Our combo boxes are popular for engagements. They include various small cakes that you can customise and are carefully arranged with natural flowers.

Franchement, ma chère, cest le cadet de mes soucis


Choux - Cerise Doree - Mauritius

Choux with white chocolate Topping


Available in Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond, Pistachio

Eclair - Chocolate - Cerise Doree - Mauritius
Eclair Chocolat

Eclair with chocolate topping

Tarte Meringue
Tarte Meringue

Tarte Meringue Lemon with a sour taste

Swiss Roll - Chocolate - Cerise Doree - Mauritius
Swiss roll chocolat

Available in Vanilla flavour with strawberry

Opera - Cerise Doree - Mauritius

Opera cake - rectangle slice

Engagement cake

Cake size Chart

We have build a dynamic cake size chart so that you can get a good idea on the dimension of your cake and the amount of servings you'll get. You can try it out on https://www.cakesizes.com